We’ve probably all attended courses that were so dead boring we couldn’t wait to escape at the end of the day, and chances are we didn’t retain much of the little we learned.

Bak2Bak Communications has extensive experience in training and development, and we can provide training services to ensure you maximise the investment you have made in your information technology.

Bak2Bak’s managing director, Rod Kirkham, began his IT career in the US in the mid 1980s with a leading computer-based software training company before returning to Australia where he became Microsoft Australia’s national training manager. He then spent many years as a freelance software and business skills trainer before launching Bak2Bak Communications.

At Bak2Bak, we believe training courses should be an enjoyable, interesting experience. Some students can be quite intimidated by the thought of attending a formal training course and this makes them nervous, uncomfortable and possibly even a bit defensive about the whole learning process. We understand it’s important for students to feel relaxed and at ease and know they’re in capable and caring hands. This maximises their ability to absorb the information they are given and helps them to retain and successfully use those skills once they are back in front of their computer.

There are several options that can be adopted for training.
  • Individual hands-on instruction. A Bak2Bak training consultant will walk an individual user through the process of using the software and answer any questions they may have. This one on one method is very effective as the consultant focuses entirely on the user’s specific needs
  • Hands-on classroom style instruction. A group of users are lead though a more structured training course by a Bak2Bak consultant in a classroom setup where each user or pair of users has a computer on which to practise the tasks
  • Seminar style demonstration. This is suitable for a larger group of users and would involve a live presentation of the software’s features and how to perform common tasks. This is often the first stage of a more comprehensive roll out of a new software program to an organisation

Bak2Bak training consultants can deliver Microsoft Office software application training from beginner to advanced levels and we can also build customised training programs to introduce new systems and procedures to your staff.

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