End-user & Technical Documentation

Documentation is always one of the most overlooked areas of an IT infrastructure. A clear, concise set of documentation assists in the on-going training of new staff, and provides a technical ‘road map’ for any future system development to follow.

Bak2Bak has the skills to help you with the task of documenting existing workplace applications or newly developed systems.

With many years of experience in end user applications training, we have gained a great insight into what constitutes a good end user manual. We put ourselves in the users’ shoes and recognise they have most probably never used the software before, or if they have, no-one has, as yet, taken the time to explain how it really works.

Bak2Bak creates user guides that are clear and concise and
avoid the use of technical jargon and buzz words. They include lots of screen shots, creating a visual guide that replicates the written directions, making them even easier to follow.

Technical documentation plays a critical role in retaining the knowledge and methodology used to create a custom built information system. Whilst this document has a very different audience, it still needs to be clear and easy to follow. Bak2Bak produces concise, well formatted, well organised technical documentation including data schemas , entity relationship diagrams and other relevant technical diagrams.

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