Project Management

Bak2Bak Communications has many years of experience managing and implementing information systems installations and can help keep your important IT development projects on track with our project management services.

Sometimes, projects that are managed in-house can suffer ever-increasing delays, escalating costs and unforeseen setbacks when staff, already hard at work on their regular day to day duties, are given the additional, critical task of steering these new ventures to completion. A clear plan, with measurable goals, proper resources and a realistic timeframe is a fundamental start, but many projects lose momentum due to a lack of consistent and disciplined review, corrective action and focussed, positive project management.
We work with you to plan, execute, and finalise projects according to your deadlines and budget using a combination of essential project management competencies such as planning, organisation, leadership, excellent communication, conflict management, adaptability and problem solving skills.

Bak2Bak can:

  • Lead the planning and implementation of your project
  • Define project scope, goals and deliverables in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders
  • Define project tasks and resource requirements
  • Develop full scale project plans
  • Assemble and coordinate project staff
  • Manage the project budget and resource allocation
  • Plan and schedule project timelines and track project deliverables using appropriate tools
  • Provide direction and support to the project team and identify and resolve issues and conflicts
  • Constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders
  • Present reports defining project progress, problems and solutions
  • Implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs
  • Conduct project evaluations and assessment of results
  • Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.
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