Over the years, Bak2Bak Communications has provided our clients with a range of purpose-built solutions. Here is a sample of some of the projects we have worked on:

Human resource management system
Human Resource systems have become one of Bak2Bak’s specialities. We have been designing and building highly functional HR information systems for over 10 years, incorporating staff succession planning, employee training and Health, Safety and Environment modules. Human resource systems are a critical part of a company’s corporate structure and we are very proud of the work we have done in this important area.

Training matrix reporting systems
Perhaps one of the most time consuming, repetitive and frustrating administrative jobs a training manager has to do is produce training matrix reports. Whilst these reports are a vital tool for assessing training gaps that may exist across company locations, business units and even the whole business group, they are a huge impost on time and, if not closely monitored and adjusted as required, can create a false reading of the training situation within an organisation – with potentially disastrous results.

Bak2Bak has had a great deal of success developing training matrix solutions that, when tied to Training information systems, produce accurate, colour-coded and grouped, up to date matrix reports in minutes. Taking the process further, we have tied the matrix output to monthly management report templates that feed the relevant values into the system, instantly building easy to interpret graphs. Of all the systems we have ever built, these always get the biggest “oohs” and “aahs” from frustrated users who suddenly see hours of tedious work evaporate at the click of a mouse.

Drill rig information management systems
Since 1998, Bak2Bak has designed and built a number of rig information management systems for the Minerals, Oil & Gas, Geothermal and Drill & Blast resource sectors. These systems capture all contract rates and charges, track daily drilling activities record consumable usage, produce operational, financial and management reports, produce client invoices and interface with existing accounting programs.

Client invoicing systems
We have developed invoicing systems that
  • Function as stand alone programs, or combine as a module with existing data entry applications
  • Significantly streamline the invoice creation process, literally cutting days off the end of month billing cycle
  • Produce consistent, professional, and easy to understand formatting and presentation
  • Provide up-to-the-minute financial reporting data
  • Output financial data to accounts receivable modules of both Windows and non-Windows accounting packages
  • Considerably reduce the issuing of credit notes to customers by providing effective ‘cross check’ reporting prior to invoice generation.
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Microsoft Office templates, models and automation development
Bak2Bak was contracted to convert a major Queensland bank’s entire suite of over 1000 electronic documents and templates, containing varying degrees of automation, from their existing word processing program into Microsoft Word format. Loan and lease documents, board and budget reports, branch-specific documents and hundreds of other files were converted, re-automated, tested and delivered back to the client over several months. The project was very successful and our client was very happy with the result.

Tender pricing model
This Excel-based tender model began as an in-house design for our client, but it became evident that external expertise was needed to take the system to a more functional level. In partnership with senior management, Bak2Bak helped craft a tender model that became the standard system used across the company’s business units, capturing all related project costs and overheads, producing multiple contract rates for different scenarios and enabling adjustments to be made in order to secure good operating margins and EBIT values.

Health, safety & environment systems
Bak2Bak has built numerous HS&E reporting systems including

  • multiple incident data entry forms and their associated management reports
  • spreadsheet logging systems that calculate incident frequency rates against monthly manhours, producing graphs that are automatically linked to management reports
  • Hazob and Safety observation systems

Document and template conversion and testing
Bak2Bak was contracted to convert a major Queensland bank’s entire suite of over 1000 electronic documents and templates, containing varying degrees of automation, from their existing word processing program into Microsoft Word format. Loan and lease documents, board and budget reports, branch-specific documents and hundreds of other files were converted, re-automated, tested and delivered back to the client.

Automated data conversion and transfer modules
We have helped solve many of our clients time consuming, manual data transfer headaches by writing automated functions to extract, convert and upload data from Windows applications to Unix-based accounting and payroll systems, and vice versa

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Capital Expenditure submission, tracking and authorisation system This system was developed to assist our client track and authorise the multiple Capital Expenditure requests that were flowing through the organisation. The web-based system was built around Microsoft .Net and Active Server Pages (ASP) architecture and offered employees access through the company intranet and included email alerts to key company personnel.

Contractor invoicing and payments management system
Bak2Bak designed and built a customised contractor invoice logging and payment information system for a large Australian luxury boat manufacturer. Our client dealt with over 100 different on-site contractors who submitted invoices at weekly, fortnightly and monthly intervals, and the CFO wanted a system that could capture these invoices and code the services according to the company’s chart of accounts, cross-check, manage and record payments to each of these suppliers and produce financial management reports for the company and the contractors. Prior to us building this system, the company struggled with multiple spreadsheets that took a great deal of time and resource to manage and reporting was difficult and ad hoc. The new database application gave them complete accuracy and up to the minute reporting facilities.

Consultant, Contractor and Supplier register
This system, initially built in-house by a major Queensland energy provider, captured and rated all the third party organisations who supplied services to them. The system was partially complete, but our client’s employee had been moved on to another project so Bak2Bak was called in to review, debug, enhance and deliver the finished program.

Employee succession planning system
Originally developed for a large Australian mining company, this system captured periodic work performance assessment data for all employees, producing statistical reports in both text and graphical format. The information gathered in the system provided an evolving timeline for an employee’s career growth with the company.

Equipment inspection and maintenance system
Bak2Bak was called in to untangle a client’s in-house Non-Compliance system that needed simplifying and restructuring. We added some strategic information fields that had been overlooked in the original design process and then built some new, clearer reports that put the data into better perspective.

Equipment rental systems
We built our first equipment rental database in 2003 for a client needing to cross-check and manage all the goods and services they rented into the company. The system recorded all rental items, allocated them to the company’s general ledger cost codes and tracked supplier invoices and payment details, interfacing with the accounting system.
We were then contracted to build a second rental system, this time to manage a growing business opportunity in renting out the client’s own equipment and machinery to smaller contractors in related industries.

Forward planning sales system
This information system was designed to enable our client to capture and analyse sales prospects and tender bids in each of their Asia-Pacific business units, producing monthly management reports to monitor progress, forecast income and job margins and track equipment utilisation

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Business Intelligence installation
In 2006, Bak2Bak was contracted to project manage the installation of a business intelligence software package for an existing client. The aim of the BI installation was to collate data from several different information systems across the organisation. During the life of this implementation, the BI software supplier experienced multiple changes of lead consulting staff, requiring regular back tracking to bring new personnel up to speed with the project specifications and goals. This made planning, organisation and communication key issues in the ultimate success of this project.

Industry membership information tracking system
One of Bak2Bak’s early development projects involved the specification and design of a membership information system for an industry training and regulatory authority. The system contained details of all the authority’s members and included an event management module that handled scheduling and notification of industry related training, conferences and related events.

Bak2Bak Communications has also assisted many organisations with our specialist software applications training services, including:
  • Airservices Australia
  • Australian Customs Department
  • Blake Dawson Waldron Solicitors
  • Clayton Utz Solicitors
  • Griffith University
  • University of Queensland
  • Lend Lease Corporation
  • MB Century Group
  • McDonnell Douglas Information Systems
  • MIM (Mount Isa Mines)
  • Mojo Advertising
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Queensland Department of Education
  • Queensland Department of Health
  • Queensland Department of Transport
  • Queensland Electricity Commission
  • Queensland Medical Laboratories
  • Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation
  • Suncorp Bank
  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • The Riviera Group

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your organization with its information management needs.

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