About Us

Bak2Bak Communications provides its clients with customised database application and corporate information systems development; computer network and communications installations, management and support; project management services; software application training; and database administration and support.

Bak2Bak Communications launched in 1993, initially providing Microsoft software applications training and development services to major training organisations in South East Queensland.

In 1998, Bak2Bak expanded into the specialised area of custom database applications development and high level, client-specific applications training and since then has been providing purpose-built application systems, business software solutions, database administration services and post-delivery training sessions to its clients in the Energy, Resources, Banking, Agricultural and Manufacturing industries.

The highly experienced and professional team at Bak2Bak Communications is dedicated to helping your organisation apply information technology solutions to be more successful in your business. We work with you to create solutions that suit your current needs, with an eye to future expansion and the ever-changing world of IT.

Bak2Bak has many years of experience in providing information systems solutions to organisations of all sizes. We strive for excellence in fulfilling our objective of speed, quality and value, and seek to create a business partnership that aids in understanding and delivering results specific to individual customer requirements. We are committed to providing the best service and solutions possible.

At Bak2Bak, we understand that you want a system that works for you, that increases your productivity and expands your knowledge. We understand that you need people who are prepared to work with you and examine solutions, not only from a technology point of view, but also from your company’s point of view.

We also recognise that technology is only half the issue. The human factor is equally important. Often, IT decisions are made without the valuable insight, input, and ‘buy-in’ of the eventual
end-users. Experience shows that this approach can lead to a much slower uptake of new systems and in some cases, outright rejection of the system. We advocate, and endeavour to include all stakeholders in the consultation process to ensure that your valuable IT investment will successfully and effectively address everyone’s needs.

We make it our job to find out exactly want you want, and deliver it, every time.

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