Bak2Bak Communications has been designing purpose built database information system solutions since 1998. We understand that a custom built system takes a commitment of time and money in order to achieve the desired result.

The obvious advantage of a system designed to your organisationís specific requirements is that you have total control over the specifications and functionality of the system and on completion, you have an application that looks and performs exactly as you want it to, creates the precise reports your company needs, and interacts seamlessly with your other corporate systems.

However, due to either budgetary or time constraints, the months of development and testing and the associated cost needed to deliver a made to order system may not be an option your organisation can exercise.

Bak2Bak has the solution.

We have a selection of pre-built database systems that, with minimal configuration, are available for immediate installation in your organisation. These applications are a starting point that enable you to get that important corporate system commissioned and functional as soon as possible, and then, as time and funding permits, access our consulting services to enhance the system with any specific add-on functionality or reporting requirements you need.

This hybrid approach means your organisation takes delivery of a well designed and road-tested, mature, off the shelf database application thatís ready to go to work straight away, but has the ability to grow into a system that takes on more and more of the unique flavour of your business.

Click on any of the headings to the right of this page to read about our different pre-built solutions and then give us a call to discuss how they can be implemented in your organisation.

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