An effective personnel management information system can save your organisation time and money and contribute to a more successful work place. Ensure your Human Resources, Training and HS&E teams are equipped with a quality set of tools that enable them to efficiently manage, develop and protect your most valuable resource - your people.

HRTS is a robust, fully featured business application encompassing three tightly integrated modules - Human Resources; Training; Safety. The program utilises the power and reliability of Microsoft’s SQL Server and includes user-level security ensuring confidential personal employee information is kept private at all times. There is also a suite of pre-built management reports available in each module, providing valuable snapshots of an employee’s history and their current status.

The Human Resources module records:

  • Personal employee details
  • Company employment information
  • Previous employment history
  • Medical history
  • License and permit details
  • Employee qualifications
  • Education history
  • Employee induction and training information
  • Incident information
  • Employee review information
  • Company equipment and clothing allocation

HR reports include:

  • Monthly hires and cessations (based on location or department)
  • Employment statistics (by date range)
  • Employee contact details
  • Standard company offer of employment and resignation acknowledgement letters
  • Automated curriculum vitae generation
  • The ability to create ad-hoc mail merge source documents for use in MS Word.

The Training and Development module includes:

  • A comprehensive training course scheduling facility
  • Training course titles & details
  • Training provider information
  • Trainer data

Training reports include:

  • Export facility to produce Training Matrix reports by location or department
  • Training history by multiple criteria (eg: course, employee, occupation, location, department, business unit, date range)
  • Certification courses due to expire in nominated date range
  • Scheduled training course listing
  • Courses required by occupation
  • Employees who have not yet attended mandatory courses
  • Training budget (both historical and forward plan)

The Safety module contains:

  • A comprehensive incident data capture and investigation process
  • Multiple monthly incident analysis reports
  • Corrective Action register
  • Email alerts based on user defined timeframes and reporting hierachy

User friendly reporting facility
      Each reporting module is built on the same, simple 3 step query process:

  • Choose a pre-designed report
  • Specify single or multiple criteria from the available lists
  • Preview the report on screen prior to printing; or email report directly from system

What our clients are saying about Bak2Bak and HRTS

Bak2Bak Communications were our information systems consultants and database applications developer for over 12 years and during that time they designed and implemented a number of key business systems for the company, including a very successful HR information system. It managed all aspects of HR, Training and HS&E data across our 3 business units in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, easily handling data volumes of well over 400,000 records.

I highly recommend the company and the talented team at Bak2Bak. I am pleased to see they have channelled their experience and strong knowledge of HR systems into the development of their own commercial offering and I feel sure your organisation will gain great benefit from the implementation of their excellent information system, HRTS.

Norman Dean
Former Group IT Manager
MB Century


As a user of the HRTS system I can say with confidence that this system not only saves time but improves the business through its ability to help users and administrators alike identify issues, areas of strength and areas of immediate concern requiring actions. 

I have put this system through its paces in some very demanding industries and environments and it has performed flawlessly as have the team providing the backup service to the system. Regardless of if I am simply reviewing performance data, updating employee information, running reports and compiling tender and regular information, the HRTS system has not failed me once. I can honestly say having to complete my various tasks without the system would feel like losing emails for a day, you know you can still move forward but you really don’t want to until its running. 

I have extensive experience using HRTS in its HR, HSE and Training functions and each system has complete compatibility with the other providing a seamless transition of information when required. Being able to set up multiple users at different levels or having the ability to set escalating task notices has in my opinion saved our business significant concern on multiple occasions. 

If you are going to purchase and use the HRTS system you will not be disappointed, the more you use it the more you will want to keep it! 

Darren Cowan
Previous HSE & T Manager 
MB Century 


As with all Bak2Bak’s pre-built database solutions, HRTS is ready to go straight to work in your organisation, but can also be enhanced with extra modules and functionality to suit your company’s specific requirements.

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