Our Approach

At Bak2Bak Communications we pride ourselves on delivering quality consulting services that maximise outcomes and results for all our clients.

We approach each project with a tailored (client-driven) subset of the following procedures:
  • Listening to you is the foundation of our relationship. You are important. We listen to what you want to achieve before we do anything else.
  • We ask questions. Lots of questions. Asking questions:
    • Ensures we really know and understand your needs.
    • Uncovers development and business issues that havenít as yet been realised or addressed.
    • Brings the project into a much sharper focus.
  • After we have listened and thoroughly understood your needs, we analyse the issues and develop a solution that will fulfil your business and technical requirements.
  • We advise you how to achieve your stated objectives based on our analysis of the requirements and our many years of experience.
  • We produce a business and technical specification document:
    • Reflecting the agreed needs and the solution parameters.
    • Providing a sound reference point during the development cycle to ensure that the goals and objectives of the project are being achieved.
  • All the preceding elements are combined into a formal design of the system.
  • Once the design has been approved, we begin the task of physically building the system. At all times we maintain close contact with you to ensure the development is on track.
  • In the case of a custom database application, if data is already available we can populate the base tables with clean, debugged information to ensure the system is launched with full data integrity.
  • Prior to delivery, the system is fully tested to ensure a successful delivery and upload. This is vital to ensure a positive uptake of the new system by end-users.
  • We deliver, install and test the system on-site to ensure it stands up to the real-world, day-to-day stresses of your work environment.
  • To ensure your organisation gains the maximum value and effectiveness from your information systems, we can provide customised on-site training sessions that address the user functionality.
    Bak2Bak also recommends that new information systems be supported with clear, easily understood end-user and technical documentation.
  • To ensure your investment in technology is maximised, we maintain and administer the information systems we develop and deliver through either formal (regular, scheduled visits) or informal (just give us a call) maintenance agreements.
  • As your requirements change, Bak2Bak can help you upgrade by:
    • Working with you to identify new modules or templates that can be added to existing applications to fulfil your needs or;
    • Building new applications to compliment your existing systems.
  • We build long-term relationships with our customers, as well as the best solutions.

Our goal is to work together to achieve great results

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