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Bak2Bak Communications is an Australian software company specialising in business information systems. Since 1998, we've been helping our clients successfully achieve their information management goals, efficiently and innovatively, saving them time and money. With experience in Australia and internationally, we understand the evolving business needs of a growing corporation in a global market.

Special Announcement

Bak2Bak Communications is proud to announce the release of our new software program, HRTS.
HRTS (“Hearts”) is a fully integrated Human Resource, Training and Safety information management system, ideally suited to organisations looking to make productivity gains through the efficient and effective management of their greatest asset – their people. Read more about HRTS here.

Bak2Bak Communications:

  • Design, develop, project manage, train, administer and maintain custom-built database applications
  • Troubleshoot, convert, upgrade, expand and enhance existing in-house database applications
  • Develop and maintain client-specific Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet, and presentation templates and financial models
  • Has a selection of off-the-shelf business software solutions that can also be customised to suit your company’s needs

With over 25 years experience in the IT industry we can help your organisation reach its information systems and technology goals successfully, efficiently and innovatively, saving you time and money.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. We look forward to working with you.

Customised Development Training Solutions

The degree to which software programs meet the specific needs of an organisation can effect the level of success the company will achieve.

Customised application development means you get, and pay for, exactly the features and functionality your organisation wants and needs.

Find out more about our Customised Development

You can have a Bak2Bak training specialist come to your office and conduct structured, classroom style hands-on training courses, or they can spend time troubleshooting specific issues with individual users.

Help your users gain the maximum benefit from the software applications they use everyday.

Find out more about our Training Services

When a restricted budget or timeline rules out the option of having a completely customised information solution built to exactly fit your requirements, our selection of off-the-shelf business software solutions can get you up and running faster.

And you still have the option to add on extra functionality to suit your needs.

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